Adapt | Using instruments as something completly different.

I played around with Renoise yet again. I made a song with this weird stuff, and used the kick as an electric guitar and a Marimba as sort of a synth-ish sound. The short-ness is intended; this is not just a test, it’s a song of its own. :slight_smile:

I’ll upload the renoise project file later when I’m home, until then use these pictures of the filters, nothing else was changed and only stock instruments used.

There ye go:!v9xlDRqD!j7EzS3Rd_hgBmJFmDwulceAqHQ8_n33GuOoWp4e3NxA

Datei-Schlüssel einbeziehen


Why do you create topic and uploading pictures?
You should save it as a doofer or fx chain and upload it to Renoise Downloads if you think this is proper.

Or paste the clipboard in a code window, then we can drag it straight into Renoise. :wink:

I’m not really shure what i’m looking at here, the example has a cool sound to it though, a little explanation what you have here couldn’t hurt.

I made a song and because I think the results are quite interesting I also shared the settings. I forgot to upload the xnrs, will do when I get home.

This isn’t really meant as a tutorial for that, moreso a normal song thread.