adaptive octave

I’m doing a lot of orchestral stuff at the moment. Very intense for me concentration-wise, very much at it’s best when i’m ‘in the zone’ and really flying with Renoise.

One thing I’ve found that slows me right down is when I move to another track, another instrument perhaps, I look at the note and lay down the next one… but more often than not I’m in the wrong octave. So I have to numpad / and * to get me where I need to be.

Wouldnt it be glorious if Renoise chose the octave of the note in the current column nearest to the cursor as an option? Or maybe have a command to ‘sample’ the octave of the nearest note.
This would take the guesswork out of finding the correct register for the instrument.

Often, I’ll be working on a bassline in low cello or basses, then move up to viola to make a quick counterpoint and find that the octave I was in relevant to the cello and bass range is the keyswitch range for the viola, messing things up royally and requiring some correction.
This really takes me out of that ‘zone’.

This is a good idea! Since I have a tool sampling the current instrument from track, I’ll consider adding this to it.

…maybe simply remember what octave you were on the last time each track was selected?

There is a tool for that already. Capture nearest instrument and octave.

Should be noted that last time I checked, it was slightly broken. I made a fix for it and it seems to hold for now, but I haven’t packaged it into an xrnx yet… I left that part for Cortex (the author). No updates have appeared? The working code is attached to the last message of the thread, though…

Oh, nice one! How did I miss that?