Add 5 Left Most Pixels To Sample Editor Focus.

When the focus in Renoise is somewhere else than the sample editor (say, instrument selector) and you want to select a piece of the sample you’ve selected in the instrument selector starting from the start of the sample I’d like to be able to start draggin from the left most pixels of my screen. I now know I can just first click somewhere in the sample editor to shift the focus and then start the selection from the start, or move the mouse very precisely to the exact start of the sample. This just takes away a great deal of workflow and makes you have to think about where the focus is all the time. I can’t imagine what bad it would do or that it would be a hell of a programming job.
Please (please, please), just add that line of 5 pixels to the sample editor:

The sample editor supports dragging from each boundary area, including the window border (if Renoise is maximized).
Clicking anywhere in that region should set the marker to the start of the visible region, with a little delay before starting to scroll.

If I understood you right, I cannot see how this can be improved?

Load a sample up into the Instrument Selector > wih the sample editor selected, click the sample in the instrument selector > start dragging from the left window border to somehwere in the sample > press delete (for instance) > your whole sample is gone because the focus is still on the instrument selector.

Ah, keyword being “focus”.
You’re right, the focus isn’t set to the sample editor when doing this “boundary” type of selection.


Yes, it would be handy, now I have to click somewhere and then adjust selection to the start of the sample, and then to the desired end… this would save some time ;)

To each side of the sample view there is already a 8px buffer, which if clicked on and dragged over the sample your Focus does change to the Sample Editor. It only doesn’t change it you start to drag from even further out, on the window box of Renoise itself. As making a selection from here does work I can see it makes sense for the Focus behaviour to be the same as for selecting from any other point in the sample. Bear in mind clicking on a boundary anywhere else doesn’t change focus though (with Focus Lock Off obviously) so maybe a check a check for mouse button up, as well as mouse button down, might be the best way to capture this?? I don’t know enough about GUI design to know if adding the boundaries themselves would be an easier or harder method…

The boundy is already part of the sample editor since you can already make a selection from the left most pixels, it just won’t focus.

No, if it was already part of the sample editor then focus would change and you would be able to double-click on the boundary and select the whole wave. Neither of which are true! It is still in some ways handled different and not part of the same class/object/C++ equivalent.

But the ‘lmb down’ command is recognised from the boundy since the selection is made. It’s just an ‘offline’ selection without focus. I can’t make that selection from any other border so it is somehow recognized as part of the sample editor.

If you go out of maximised into Windowed mode then you see an extra bit of border is added around the sides and bottom of the window. Hopefully that means it is a more simple part of the GUI and it can be added to operate like the rest more easily then. In fact it makes me think it’s quite strange that it doesn’t already. ;)

I must say if I think td6d means the 5 pixel band that I think he means, it’s also got a different color in most themes which might help seeing the big picture. I didn’t succeed in making a whole sample disappear just by selecting btw.