Add a simple waveform synth thas is not a VST

I know renoise is the ultimate sampler sequencer, that is, it exels in using samples and looping up small samples to make a synth, but wouldnt it be cool just to have a simple waveform generator synth ‘in the box’, that is to say, not a VSTi?

It would save time spent rendering and creating multisampled instruments…it would be an awesome and helpful addition to renoise.

for example

square that morphs to saw with a slider

sine that morphs to square with a slider

triangle that morphs to saw with a slider

a few types of noise.

It would be awesome for people who are flat broke and want low cpu usage and no VSTi…like using renoise on a low powered, cheap and comparatively portable netbook. Hope it happens.

That looks awesome but does it render across all the keys at the right frequencies, or is it just a single cycle waveform generator which spreads a single cycle sample across all keys? I was thinking maybe more like an actual oscilllating basic synth module with morphing waves and built to be well controllable using renoises pattern effect commands and automation lanes (i know vstis are controllable by automation lanes too).

I will test out its tuning with g-tuner vst.