Add dithering option also to render dialogue

Maybe it has its reason to stay in preferences (although not clear to me, maybe 32bit processing->24bit audio device output?), but could you consider add it switchable to the render dialogue, only for the rendering (checkbox “dithering”)? I mean, usually dithering is all about rendering / down-bithdepth-resample.

I suggest this, because usually I tend to forget about dithering option, because it’s “hidden” in prefs. Maybe others, too.

The option in the audio preferences gets applies when rendering too. For 24 bit audio, the usual format of core audio devices, it does not apply, but only for 16 and 8 bit.

No no, I think I did not express well.

I mean usually the dithering option belongs to the last step, a.k.a. rendering and it’s usually placed here. For example, you use another mastering dithering plugin and then want to disable the dithering from renoise, it’s much more practical and logical to have it right there, isn’t it?

Also I believe I am not the only person that tends to forget about r dithering, simply because it’s not in export options.

I mean, leave dithering in options, but add an additional checkbox in export.

Ok, I understand now. Since you guys think that the dithering in Renoise isn’t so advanced, you would be ashamed if it would directly appear in the render dialogue? Better let it be hidden in config, right?