Add fast interpolation to various dsp parameters


yesterday I found out that the bus compressor is not interpolated at all for the parameters “ratio” and “makeup” at least. Maybe even more.

Here is an example xrns:
interpolation.xrns (76.7 KB)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Play, disable the bus compressor on the very last send track (within the doofer). You should hear almost no aliasing. Also watch the analyzer (using slope factor +4.8dB)
  • Enable the bus compressor. You should see and hear a lot of aliasing.
  • Disable the target “makeup” in the hydra device. The aliasing should be a lot quieter, still audible (coming now from “ratio” slider movements)
  • Enable the gainer target (3rd slot). There should not be any added aliasing
  • Disable the “ratio” target. Aliasing should be gone.

Can you add interpolation to makeup and ratio? Since this is about very precise dynamics, maybe an interpolation even faster than the gainer device was a good idea… Is this possible?

If you do this, I would love to test your results, since I am now deep in this topic, so I can quickly say if it lags too much or not, etc.


P.S. I guess the meta signals are meant to be not interpolated in the source already, due timed intervalls? But maybe it still could be interpolated already at the source output? Or would it then clash with other interpolations on the target side (e.g. vst plugin).

P.S.2. At least it would not hurt if all the makeup / gains in all devices were interpolated.