Add Inertia To The Hydra

Just a thought here, I was considering requesting a brand new device for this, but it occurred to me that the hydra is perfect for this… Could you guys possibly add an inertia control to the hydra device, somewhat like the inertia control on filter3? It would be nice to be able to smooth out metadata in some instances.

Attack and Release are the inertia?

im adding my mustard.
inertia in hydra would be a powerful feature.
thumbs up!

by inertia they mean the transition of the slider isn’t immediate but will slowly approach over time. something like this (but with a selectable attractivity):

instead of overcrowding with sliders everything (try to find a place where to put another slider in the hydra…) what about doing an Inertia Device instead ? just an idea for Renoise 5.0 :D

D’oh :(

There’s no attack and release on the hydra :P



Don’t the little envelope shapes control ‘inertia’ right now in the hydra underneath ‘scale’?

The thing I’d like to see changed in the device is setting up the minimum and maximum values. Right now if you select a parameter somewhere out of your dsp chain, the hydra values automatically overwrites these to the defaults.

Sometimes you want the hydra not to do this as it automatically changes the sound. It would be great if the device could automatically fetch the set minimum and maximum values out of the selected dsp/vst parameter, leaving the sound intact!


Am I right that Inertia is nothing more than an Envelope, where the sound just develops over time (for example the Inertia on the Filter 3).
Why not have an *Envelope Device, where you can link parameter x of FX y to it, sync the ADSR to the bpm or have it free in time.
Then you could remove every Inertia or Attack and Aelease slider on any FX.
I mean, you could already do this with an one-shot LFO, custom wave, triggered by velocity or keytrack, etc. but wouldn’t an envelope device solve this problems (the high demand for an inertia device) instantly?
Just a thought?


An Inertia Slider has been programmed with the Formula Device.

Using Envelopes would be hard as it works no matter how big the change or in what direction. That would be a lot of things to automate at once to do the method you describe.

What a crappy idea. Better would be to somehow incorporate the concept of slider settings for each slider where among any other things inertia, range and scaling could be set for any slider. This wouls of course apply to meta devices too.