Add Line, Beats and Hz mode to LFO device

Could we have the LFO device sync to beats as well as lines? :clock1030:

I often move from one LPB setting to another and it’d wonderful to not have to double/halve speeds all my LFO’s when I do. (I use a lot! ) :heavy_multiplication_x: :heavy_division_sign:

I also often want a lfo to go quicker than 1 LPB. A Hz mode would be wonderful!


I experimented a little with it, and it is possible to use a formula device to do what you want.

Syncing to lines is what the LFO already does as default. Hence the value is called β€œLPC”, lines per cycle, so the number of lines during which a cycle will complete.

The formula for syncing to beats regardless of LPC is:


With x being the number of beats for a complete LFO cycle (you can just write a number of beats instead of β€œx”, like β€œ2” or β€œ1.75”). Then let that formula control the LFO device Frequency slider - voila, you can change the LPB, and the LFO will maintain the same speed, always staying on the beat. Changing the BPM will of course change the speed.

You can also try to set up the formula to use Hz Values, and maintain them independent of the LPB/BPM. The formula goes like:


Again replace β€œx” with a Hz value like β€œ2” or β€œ0.25”, and let the formula device control the LFO Frequency - it will keep the LFO at the same Hz frequency even when BPM or LPB are changing!

To automate you will need to use the formula device sliders, and translate the values so you can do something meaningful with them. for example you could for the Hz Version use β€œ(A*0.1)”, and then use the first formula slider like β€œ0.275” to represent 2.75 Hz, or β€œ0.05” for 0.5 Hz.

You cannot make the LFO go faster than 1lpc with the formulas though. They only translate the values that the Frequency slider will get!



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