Add more VST path

Hi, why not add one ore two vst path:
1 steinberg standard vst path 32 bit
2 steinberg standard vst path 64 bit
3 current sdcompo sample pack path
4 user path for testing some new vst

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You can add two paths custom tailored to your needs:
One for your 32-bit VST’s, one for your 64-bit vst’s if you apply that policy.
That will be it. You can disable the auto-scanning during startup if that bothers you and then manually scan if you installed a new plugin.
Your arguments are pretty personal. If you submit such a suggestion, better think of more global applicable arguments
Since a lot of VST plugins are not portable, i don’t see any real good reason for adding more vst paths imho.

although I appreciate you taking the time to offer a suggestion for renoise, I’m going to have to agree with vV. If you read his reply he left you you’ll see all the points that I agree with. I also want to encourage you to keep posting any ideas and suggestions you may have and please don’t feel bad if any of them end up in the infamous bad ideas thread. that thread is somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

Steinberg standard VST directory… fucking thing sucks! :P
But really, are you on Windows? Just reinstall every VST, make sure they go into something like UserHome\VST so you definitely have write permission there, all problems resolved. Why would you want to install the sdcompo plugins in a separate folder anyway? They’re always the free plugins that are pretty awesome right?
Renoise has quite the luxury of having two paths, and it looks in there and any subdirectories… the dll’s from sdcompo sample pack can be simply moved into your default vst dir.

Well I have another situation.
I also need the x86 and x64 paths but I always have to copy my ‘portable’ freebie stuff from my server into one of these folders.
Now this isn’t really a big problem, but if we had 3 paths, I just can point it to my server directly :)

Reminds me of the ‘more master keyboard’ discussion long time ago.
Now with the new direct MIDI to instrument option I really wonder if people use more than two :)

That’s what we have CMD scripts for…

Create two config.xml files (each config file will contain its own set of VST paths) and copy the .db files accordingly…
Below an example of what you can try:

@echo off  
if %1 == "portable" GOTO portable  
copy C:\userdata\%username%\appdata\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\CachedVSTs_x64_local.db CachedVSTs_x64.db /y  
copy C:\userdata\%username%\appdata\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\CachedVSTs_x86_local.db CachedVSTs_x86.db /y  
copy C:\userdata\%username%\appdata\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\Config_local.xml Config.xml /y  
GOTO end  
copy C:\userdata\%username%\appdata\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\CachedVSTs_x64_portable.db CachedVSTs_x64.db /y  
copy C:\userdata\%username%\appdata\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\CachedVSTs_x86_portable.db CachedVSTs_x86.db /y  
copy C:\userdata\%username%\appdata\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\Config_portable.xml Config.xml /y  
"C:\program files\Renoise 2.8.1\Renoise.exe"  

Start with either renoise_autostart portable or nothing for local.

Still learning things! Tnx!

ok, I use lot dll free vst, no need to install

I’d reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally love it if there were more than two vst paths. Is there a specific reason as to why there are only two? Why cant there be plenty, as with any other DAW? Especially now when VST3 takes over. I’m no good with CMD scripts. And if I were, I’d still think it a lot easier if there were more vst paths

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