Add Notifier For Any Changes In Song

I would like to add a notifier for ANY changes (samples, pattern, bpm… any) made in current song.

How can I do this ?

If there isn’t a native observable for this (which I think is the case…?), you could probably hack one up.

You would need to create a documentnode for this. Additionally you need a general ‘something_has_changed()’ function, which would alter the value of said documentnode. Then you’d attach your ‘something_has_changed()’ function as a notifier to all the observables you need to observe, and attach a ‘song_has_changed()’ notifier function to the documentnode observable.

Speculation, this is.

This is just the point: there’s an easy way to get ALL the observables dom in the song ?

Anyway I haven’t found a native function for this purpose in the specs…

There is none. The question is why you need one. Probably because it’s too much work to only attach to the notifiers that you are really interested in?
Let us know what exactly you want to do and we’ll try to help.

Actually I don’t know the list of all the possible observable object of a renoise song, so this is my first problem.

My final purpose is to get notified when current song is modified after save.

Take a look at Renoise.Song.API.lua in your Renoise installation directory under /Scripts/Documentation/

You can also browse an online version at the XRNX repository:

Search for the keyword “observable” (without quotes) in that file.

Thank you ;)