Add Pattern Commands List To The Program

You have the link there already but it tries to take you to the webpage with the commands on rather than to a locally stored file. The Keyboard Shortcuts takes you to a local .xml file and these are user-definable so maybe better accessed through the Preferences (unless the .xml is automatically updated with your settings) where pattern effect commands always stay the same and it requires you to connect to the internet to do so from within the program. Many people do not like having their production machines attached to the internet, or want to use them where it isn’t available, so please add a local copy of the patter effect commands to the install and link to it rather than the internet.

Some people might also like to have the Quick Start Guide that comes with the program linked from there as well but it’s less important in my opinion.

Plus 1!

Would be a good thing, often times I forget after having not used them in a while. Going over to the browser is often an interuption to the creative state I was in, next thing I know I’m on here!

the .xml file is always updated with your settings. anyway, there is a “Print” button in the upper right corner of the keys preferences pane, which prints a human readable verison of the XML file, if this can help.

I thought and hoped that would be the case :)

Still my main point was that the pattern effects commands’ link tries to point you to the internet. Can we get an xml of those please.

can’t you save the link to your hard disk?

I mean, you could save it to the desktop and open it when you need to remember something

Yeah I will do when my laptop is next on an internet connection, but it’s currently not (suppose I could do it with the work machine and stick on a USB key and transfer across…) I just thought it would be a nice thing for all users to have it in a nice and obvious place from within the program without expecting you to be connected to the internet. I mean the link is already there it’s just missing a tiny, local file. It’s not a huge thing and just thought it would be a very simple thing to change in the next minor update, not meant as a complaint, more a suggestion.

Anyway time to go home and try and do some packing…

Change the %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file (add an entry to the Renoise online link) to target a local HTML file for the link, instead of the Renoise server ;)

That woudn’t even work, hosts is for hardcoding ip address -> hostname pairs, nothing more, nothing less. Yeah, you could redirect to and run a webserver locally with the file at the expected location… :blink:

The online version changes… integrated help stays relevant (to the locally installed app), hotlinked help doesn’t… (unless you also update the app, in which case you’d have the updated help - so there is really no benefit to hotlinking, just disadvantages).

I know this doesn’t apply that much in the case of effects (because these never seem to change)… just a general thought.