Add send-channel to group


I used many paralel effect and after i want to compress any bus to one mix but i havnt do in the renoise.

plz give me more freedom for send track.

4519 RRR.jpg


I’m not sure if i understand you correctly here, but i can add send-devices just fine to the group… You have Beta 4 downloaded yet?

Otherwise if you cannot insert send devices in group tracks in your song in Beta 4, share an example song, we can then move this topic to the bug section.

sorry for my english)) he is so bad, but i try. i sad about join any cahneles in the subgroup i think its very compact (i know about routing to another send chanel but this construction very strange for me) join chaneles and sends in the one group i think its cool and userfull


Aha, sorry, i now see what you mean:allowing to group multiple send channels.
It wasn’t too badly described though when looking at it again. I should have paid more close attention to your image.
You can still use send devices in the send channels as well, if you output all of your desired send-channels to the same dedicated send-channel, you can still apply post effects to the preprocessed audio stream of these send channels. It is more or less still grouping and parallel processing.

Yeah i know about send routing to send for sub mixs but this have many trouble. if i doit routing many chanels with send device i must do all level send isduplicate for all send device its very tiresome.

Being able to add send tracks to groups would be rather convenient.


I like this idea, it would actually be more intuitive to send to groups. As it is now it looks like the send tracks are coming after the master. I guess it’s like this to not mix up normal tracks with send tracks, but i think there are room for improvement. It would be very nice to be able to use the multiband send within a group instead of having to send to some tracks far beyond to the right.

Wouldnt be grouping of send tracks enough?