Add .xrns support to Jazz Jackrabbit 2


Just an idea I had, which I haven’t thought out much. JJ2+ (Jazz Jackrabbit)is a computer game which allows music in several formats:

  • .j2b

  • .it

  • .mod

  • .xm

  • .s3m

  • .ogg

  • .mp3

and more…

But not .xrns! Why not? I’m pretty sure it would be possible to create this compatibility, of course many other file format compatibilities would be possible, but this is just one example. Since the game already supports lots of other module music formats, adding more module music formats to its reputoire would only be beneficial, not detrimental.

So thanks for reading my idea! =)

There is no player library available for renoise. It’s too complex. Why not simply MP3 it?

Theoretically because XRNS could potentially have a smaller filesize than MP3. Also,in this context typicallyOGG is preferred over MP3 for audio filesin the sense of using less kilobytes or megabytes as well. However, MP3 is usefulto burn to audio CD format. Still, module-style formats are more popular in this environment. But I’m not sure if XRNS is truly a module format (like IT) or more of a project format (like AUP)?

I can’t really see any upsides given the game supports .mp3 anyway. And how would you handle projects with VST plugins?

I’m not 100%, but quite sure that JJ2+ supportsVST effects for at least .IT modules, however I can’t test it fully at the moment; maybe in the near future I’ll be able to test how VST effects are handled -I’ve also used VST instruments before in OpenMPT, but I haven’t personallyfully tested anything on the subjectin JJ2+. Honestly if I had infinite spare time, I could test it, but I truly haven’t done so yet. :slight_smile:

I just know that Renoise was able to import .IT files, although some of the composition data was lost after importing the file, but at least some of the basic elements were imported successfully. However exporting to .IT isn’t a realistic option, nor is it really worthwhile to create. Personally I’m not deadest on the idea that the original thread idea is even a productive course of action. But, I figure it’s better to share an idea, than to lay it to waste! :ph34r:

Module format is open and human readable - in turn to support xrns in other apps are developers of those applications I think. I wouldn’t deem it practical though, because serious work would have to be done to emulate renoise internal dsp effects closely. Renoise is not really like some oldschool selfcontained tracker, it went far into the daw direction already. You wouldn’t consider using reason, protools or whatever projects for direct playback in some game. Also playback of a tune using vst’s is impractical for sharing in many situations, playback would need exactly those vst’s, sometimes even in the same version and same processor architecture. Render your xrns to ogg or mp3. Some modules might be smaller rendered to mp3/ogg like compression when larger samples are used in the module anyways. Only point where such stuff would make sense imo might be demos where pattern commands would be used to sync graphics.