Adding back filter3 and so on, properly rename it


since some deprecated, yet very useful dsp modules are hidden by default, I would like to suggest to review this decision and maybe add it back again.

e.g. the filter 3 module consists of the old 24dB filter, which is a very useful mixing filter, if you want to target some characteristics of 80s mixing style. But in fact it seems to be more a 1-pole/12dB-resonant filter, no way it is a 4-pole-filter, if you compare it to melda eq filter settings (which would fit into the 80s sound, since most synth from that time often had no resonance settings at all, and very flat filter curves). For backwards compatibility, why not simply un-deprecate this? Or name it “old filter”?

Also I remember that some people also missed the “shelve” filter versions, or at least then a dry/wet-amount.

Same for some filters within the instrument section…


You really seem a bit stuck in them 80s Dude :wink: Why not add something more like a modern fabfilter so we can eq our 808s right?

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