Adding C# Application And Host It From Lua Scripting Interface

I know it is possible to use lua from within a C# application. But this time, I’d like to it the other way round.

So: Is it possible to host a C#/C++ application from renoise lua scripting interface? Didn’t find out to do it yet.

What I want to publish here, is a Wave-Creator interface from within renoise.
Already got a programme, but I don’t think all programmed in this application is possible with lua.

What always works, with any language, is calling external executables from within Lua in Renoise ->

os.execute(“my (custom) command.exe --options_passed_from_lua”).
-> get resulting files or return values

If you can’t or don’t want to pass all the stuff as parameters to the exe, you could also use sockets to remote control the C# app (see Renoise.Socket.API.lua)

Thanks for your fast answer. That should be sufficient.