Adding Configurable Auto Crossfade Loop To Sample Editor

The auto crossfade option is pretty neat for lineary instruments, but as soon as instruments have pulse-width variations or other fluctuating effects, the crossfader is often off a lot and the loop isn’t seamless anylonger.
I know that if it would be configurable in the Plugin Grabber that the size and position wouldn’t hold for every note that is played so that’s why i suggest to add it to the sample editor and allow it to be configurable per sample.
It would be nice if the autocrossfade routine would allow changing the size and position of the loop and perform some preview on how it sounds. In that way you can quickly crossloop samples and get them as seamless as possible.

I agree very much.
I hope to see something like this when you press the x-fade button:

wow, that looks pretty nice!

+1. This would allow for some VERY interesting loop manipulation.

Bumping this topic in lieu of starting another new thread about it.

I too would really appreciate a crossfade option for sample looping. Some samples simply won’t ever sound right without crossfading.

I also noticed, when searching for this, that it isn’t the first time this feature has been requested, with other users chiming in their agreement:
A Couple of Crossfade Suggestions
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Better X-Fade (Crossfade)

… So, it’s not an entirely unwanted feature.

@icelizzard: well done on the searching, pretty thorough.
i am always happy to see a Renoise dev responding to these things. it gives me hope it will eventually be built. that might be nonsense though, but a man can dream.

Abletons simpler/sampler do a nice job of this, not quite as in depth as Pysj’s suggestion, but a very useful tool nonetheless…