Better X-fade (cross Fade)

Hi all.
First of all, let me introduce my self and my relations with music and trackers in common. I believe that will help me to introduce problem better :). I started with trackers about 10 years ago. It was mostly Fast Tracker 2 and then Impulse Tracker for a while. I was active for about 3-4 years but then problem with running FT2 on Win2k came and also lack of possibilities like applying all those cool filters (reverbs, flangers, echoes, etc) made me inactive. But all this years I was looking for trackers, waiting for something new. And, well, thats how I found Renoise :). It is tracker, it can all those filters, it moved forward, it is not just another FT2 clone, but… There is one think that was implemented in FT2 which is needed for me like air. It is X-FADE. Yes, I know it exists in Renoise, but comparing with FT2 it works tragically. I actually failed to do any normal looping in Renoise with it. It simply doesn’t do what it must do by my opinion. At least that how it looks for my after FT2 x-fade experience. Why is it so important for me? Well, I really can’t understand how it is possible without it :). Any long lasting sound must be looped and x-fade (cross fade) is the tool for it. I had an idea to use external program for it, but I didn’t find any free utility for it, and pay money for advanced sample editor like Sound Forge just because of 1 feature is not wise I think. Another problem with external software is that I switched to Linux (Ubuntu). Once again, big thanks and respect for Linux version of Renoise. That was one of the factors before switching. So, what I am trying to say, is that X-Fade (Cross Fade) is very useful and important feature and is actually last thing that stops me from active usage of Renoise (I am planning to do some comeback to music, on a non-pro level of course). So, in the end, I will highlight the main request of this message:
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do a Cross Fade in Renoise at least on level of Fast Tracker 2 x-fade and you will made at least one person on this planed very happy! Happy enought to become a registered user of Renoise and much much more. :)

Thank you in advance!

I agree.
I made a mock up a few years ago.

Nothing I would expect to see anytime soon though, as this is quite a specialized tool :rolleyes:

I can’t remember how the crossfading worked in Ft2, was it similar to your mock up Pysj?

Well, I can tell it :).
The idea was just to select some space around the loop point (first or last - no difference) and press x-fade. Selected area was the area allowed to modify by algorithm (similar to current renoise implementation). So, normally, current solution is LOOKS the same, it even have mode allowing to finetune position of loop markers. The problem is with results :). FT2 produced smooth result (well, some playing with markers positioning was required too), when current Renoise solution is, well … not good… at all… :)
P.S. Can I spam you on a weekly basis asking to fix it? ;]

Thousands of us have managed to live without this feature for years.

So, no

If he is using it and saying it’s essentially broken (a graphical example would be helpful tho), who cares about the opinion of the people not using it?

(you’re welcome, I’m here all day :lol:)

I’m not against the feature, I’m against the spam. I’m saying no to the spam here. I specifically quoted one line, and replied to that one line from the post.

Not the best introduction to a community using, and making music without problem, with an app that’s been around for almost a decade.

I know it was a joke. So, me too. I’m joking too. (Is it funny yet? :) )

I agree, loop crossfade is an important tool.

You give me too much credit, I kinda was being an obnoxious bitch. Thanks for not responding likewise. (Haha, I should put that in my sig)