Adding Effects In The Sample Editor?

Can you add plugin effects to the samples within the sample editor, ie once I’ve cut my break and generated it into a digital kit thingamy can I add say a delay to just one of the snares in the kit? Or is there a simple work around for this? Or am I dreaming just far too high?


If you have a handmade kit without using the slicer, it can be done. There is a FX button in the sample editor
right below the waveform of your sample. But remember, it will only resample your sample with effects as long as the sample is. So if you have reverb on the sample it will not sample the tail of the verb for example.
If you would like to do such thing you will have to render selection to sample and replace your original sample in the kit. It could be that your resampled piece will be played back at a lower volume ( this was the case in 2.6 and lower versions, but I think this is solved with 2.7 beta if you set your headroom to 0 db in song settings. I am not sure about this, I have to test this myself if it works now this way.

If you only want to apply the delay effect to the snare but not the rest of the break, then just separate out your hits/notes so that the main break is playing on one track and the snare hit is playing through a different track which has a delay on it.

If you’re actually applying some effects to the entire break (EQ, compression, etc) then take advantage of Send Tracks to route everything together. See the following example:
1896 dblue-renoise-snare-delay.xrns

For what it’s worth, I personally never render FX to the sample because this is a destructive process. In other words, if I render the delay to the snare and find that I want to change it later, I’m screwed. So don’t bother with that in my opinion.