Adding New Track Creates A Cpu Spike

Adding new track by the shortcut (ctrl+t) while the song is playing causes a high usage cpu spike. I think it is a bug.

Renoise 2.7b2

This is really really hard to avoid. Will have a look at this during the upcoming betas. Maybe there’s something more we can optimize, but in general this will stay a “heavy” operation for Renoise. This simply takes some time and I don’t think we can magically fix that.

Maybe Renoise could have always one more empty hidden track internally which get built in background with a few low-priority steps.

I hope this ll be fixed...its very critical for Renoise live usage.

Just checked this with a few songs, and Renoise indeed CPU spikes a bit on inserting/deleting track, but Audio playback is not affected. Audio CPU usage is not really noticeably raising while inserting/deleting tracks, so it will also !not! result into crackles.

If anyone has a song for testing where this does happen, let us know please.