Adding Notes And Command "in Between"


I did some searches but couldn’t find anything on this subject:

Is it possible to add notes or volume commands between two rows in Renoise? I’m asking this because my song has a pretty slow tempo and I would like to make some drumfills and other stuff that would need me to double up the tempo. I would also need to chop some notes off earlier than my tempo allows me to do now.

Can these kind of things be done in Renoise and if it’s possible, how is it done?

‘SPEED’ is good for you

Actually always start your song at double (or more) speed.
So you would never have this problem. :)

And as a real answer to your question :( no… there’s no such thing (yet)

Well, there is, by using multiple note columns:

Note, Instr, Vol, Pan, FX   
C-4 01 D1 F2 0000 | C-4 01 D2 F3 0000 | C-4 01 D3 F4 0000   

will play 3 very short C-4s in one line for example.

DX delays a note, FX cuts a note at the specified tick. You have as many “ticks” as the speed you’ve set up (the thing below the BPM in Renoise).

Sorry for my wrong information :huh:

… There will be a day I know everything, but that only happens when I made my 1000th post :P