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I’ve searched around, read documentation and can’t seem to find any way to add a persistent (docked) view into one of Renoise’s existing views (or whatever they are called). Please let me explain what I want to do: I’d like to add a view that lists of all detected VST plugins in all tracks and that this view is docked at the end of the device chain on the master track or somewhere else where it’s easy to reach.

Ultimately, what I want to do with the plugin is to go through all VST plugins in the song and adjust their "quality, “phase” or “oversample” parameters from minimum to maximum and vice versa. I’m planning on using this to adjust everything to “minimum” or some other usable value while producing and adjust it up to the highest quality before rendering. It would be awesome if my plugin could actually initiate rendering of the song as well so I just had to click one button, but as I understand from these threads, song rendering is not exposed in the API just yet.

Do I have to settle for a dialogue that pops up from the click of a menu item, or is something like this possible? The reason I want a docked view is to see its current state and being able to adjust it quickly.

  • Custom popup windows are all that’s available. No docking. (Bringing it up with a shortcut might be a little more convenient than having to click a menu)

  • Rendering can be done from the API as seen here:

  • The DSP oversampling option isn’t available as a parameter, but you can use the trick of altering the device.active_preset_data xml with some string pattern matching/replacing.
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