Adding samples and modifying them


I am trying to add several samples and each time I add one Redux says:

This will delete all sample slots apart from this one. Click OK if you want to go ahead and create a sliced sample.

I want to construct an instrument with 12 samples. Each sample has to be modified, has to be sliced and then one part discarded and the otehr part kept. So maybe I’m seeing this way too simple, although I thought that I would drag one sample in the keyzone at C3, then sliced it, discard one aprt and then drag the next sample at C#3, slice it, throw away one part, so on so forth.

Is it possible to proceed like this at all ? Or does each sample need to be sliced and then saved on disk first, and only then could all 12 of them be assigned to different keys in the keyzxone ?


I think I’ve run into this problem before. Don’t know if you can do what you want natively, but this might help:

I don’t think you can use it in Redux, and you’ll have to work on each sample separately, then merge it. Maybe that works for you, idk.