Adding standard envelopes for each new sample

When adding samples to an instrument, I miss a setting that automatically creates a new default modulation. At least a volume AHDSR should optionally be made available for each new sample. Right now, setting up a simple drumset takes extremely long and is rather uninspiring to do. For each new sample I add, I have to click on the one-shot button, after which I need to switch over to the modulation page to add a new volume envelope. Since the envelopes are in a different view, I also have to rename this envelope, such that I will be able to quickly see it’s relation to the sample at all.

I partially agree, but it’s easy to imagine that someone else would then dislike this new default setting :(
I think a better, more powerful alternative to this would be a “template instrument”. So, just like you can save a song as a template you could define an instrument as being the template of any new instrument you create.

When you mention these workflow woes, don’t forget you can copy-paste modulation sets. So, it would be easy to create the basic set and then copy/paste it to the rest, then adjusting it to your liking. Also, setting one-shot on all samples is simply a question of selecting all your samples and then pressing the ‘one-shot’ button

By ‘envelope’, do you mean modulation set? Because, when you have the modulation panel open you will see the sample list being decorated with each sample’s modulation target - it’s of course not as semantically obvious as naming a certain modulation set ‘hihats & cymbals’ but it does provide you with an overview. And the same principle applies to the effects & keyzone panel.