Adding Uno Synth Pro Analgo Synth To Renoise

Hello. I’d like to reface this by saying i’m completely new to Renoise coming from mostly an ableton live background but am slightly familiar with protools as well. I digress. Have been trying for a few hours now to get an analog synth to play through renoise, namely the Uno Synth Pro. Regardless of what you might think of it’s sound quality im hitting a wall in so far as renoise being able to detect the device apparently. Following instructions from other forum post i’ve seen that one uses the Line Input device set to MIDI Return Mode, then within the MIDI tab under Output device one should be able to select a the synth. However when going to do this nothing really show, simply Renoise Midi Out Sync or Midi Through Port-0. If someone could point me in the right direction or fly here and set this up while i’m at work leaving a book of instructions on how to fix my life that’d be great. Or we could talk it out in the forums. How does on utilize an analog synth within a DAW like Renoise. Am looking to begin making breakcore and really need this thing working. Is there something i’m misunderstanding about MIDI Output. Thank you

Did you get this working? If you connect via USB and everything is working with drivers there should be a Output Device for the Uno.