Adding Vst Effects To 2 Tracks Only

well… that.
i want to add reverb to the drums (track 1 & 2), but not the other stuff (>track 3).

thanks for reading.

I think you are talking about columns.

Each track can have up to 12 note columns. Its not possible right now to affect only certain columns.
If you put a vst effect on the track it will affect all the tracks colums.

So what you need to do it so put different drums in different tracks.

hmm you write that you have 3 tracks…
then double click on track line and you will have opened effects in botton and you can put any effects to this one.

if you can all notes in one column better explode it to different tracks.

sorry if i dont understand what you need.

I didn’t clearly understand you either, would you add more details?

If you mean you want to have same effects for tracks 1 & 2, or a certain group of tracks, you can send them to a SEND TRACK (use #send device) and apply your effects to that send track.

I believe he would like to perform multitioutput with VSTi: the ability to put each VST MIDI channel to a different outout, which is not currently supported by Renoise

haha sorry, i did not expressed myself well.

i come from ableton live. there i could have, for example, 4 tracks in total: tracks 1 and 2 routed to another track (track 3) with a reverb effect and the last one (track 4) with no effects. i thought i could do the same here in renoise.

now, as the answers appear, i guess i could add reverb to one track and add more note columns to it, so i can have only 1 track for the drum patterns, therefore leaving the other tracks without effects.

also, i could apply the reverb to a send track.

well i’ll check both, thanks for the answers!

Yes you can do the same in Renoise.

really! how

How explained with a Send track (your track3). Route Track 1+2 to the send track (with a send device on each track), put an reverb effect on the send track and leave your track4 without any effect.
It’s easy.

Use one note-column per track (track01), then use the other in another track (track02), add a sendtrack device under each of those tracks then add your effects in the corresponding sendtrack (s00) that you send the audio to, then the track you want to have no effects applied to at all is your third track (track03)

but beware if this is about VSTI’s as VSTI’s share the same audiostream thus will affected by effects used on this stream regardless which track.
To prevent this you have to instantiate the same VSTI in a new instrument, then you can have different effects used.
This does not apply to sample instruments.