Adding VST_PATH to where my VSTs reside is not working

Working with Renoise 2.8 on a Linux machine (which I am just starting to get the hang of).

I’ve installed my VSTs onto a folder on my desktop, and placed the .dll files in a subfolder labeled “Plugins.”

I’ve gone to the terminal and put in:

$ echo VST_PATH=/home/kuanes/VSTs/Plugins:$VST_PATH >> ~/.bash_profile
$ echo export VST_PATH >> ~/.bash_profile

Yet when I start up Renoise again, I can briefly see on the title screen that it finds no VSTs, and none are listed in the Plugins screen at the bottom.


Are you sure those are native linux vsts? they usually end with .so not .dll
also you need to logout and log back in for those commands to take effect

did you try starting renoise with:

VST_PATH=/home/kuanes/VSTs/Plugins renoise

you should see in the terminal log if renoise found your plugins and/or if there was any errors loading them.

if that worked, open your ~/.bash_profile on text editor and see if this line exists:


add it if not :)