Addition Of 'points' In Envelopes Of 'instrument Editor&#3

Was doing some sample based instrument twiddling in the instrument editor and wondered why there is no ‘points’ option like there is in the automation editor?! Just linear and cubic interpolation. Could this be added or is this a stupid suggestion? :slight_smile:

+1 here!

Would be nice to have with the ‘pitch envelope’, no? To create sort of like arpeggio’s :slight_smile:

not that this is meant as a “already-implemented” statement, but you can already emulate the “points” envelope by changing values in the range of one tick.

I cannot upload pictures at the moment, so imagine something like this:


yeah, I can hear this when working for example in the pitch envelope. Thing is with ‘points’ implemented, you just have to click once to indicate a ‘line’ of pitch if you get what I’m saying. Now if you’d want an arpegiated-like sound , you have to click, draw a straight line, click again to define the end of this line, draw a line down to the base, create a line at the base, define an end point, go up again etc etc. So if not for the sound, functionality wise the addition of points could be an improvement.

Though, if to much of a hassle I don’t care :slight_smile: