Additional Functionalities Of Prefs->Keys

Hi, would it be possible to implement any or all of these Preferences->Keys improvements?
“Press a shortcut in Keys auto-focuses on the keyboard shortcut” -> This would really help in memorizing keyshortcuts, and quickly changing some of them to more useful ones.

“Something to click on which will open up all the keyboard setting “+”'s per category” -> Printing the keyboard commands to the browser is all well and good, but would rather just open all of them up and keep them open.

“Preferences->Keys” accessible via a keyboard shortcut, so could map, for instance, Cmd-K to open the Keys preference. -> It just would be a tiny workflow improvement, and maybe it would inspire people to change their keyshortcuts to what they prefer them to be.

especially like this one. good idea.

It also really helps when you know the keyshortcut but have no idea of the name of it…

Put it in as a possible new assignment to a shortcut and it tells you what it is currently set to so easy to find out the name.

I realize this is how it currently works, however, it could work better.

thanks, jenoki!