Additional ms-delay and shuffle for each channel / make Renoise groove

I lately tried a lot with drum grooves. I think some important features are missing here:

  • A channel ms-delay. So each channel with in a multichannel track can be time-shifted individually. This is common practise e.g. for snares or hi hats.

  • A shuffle option for each channel! I know the Groove Tool (thanks to the author!), but I would like to see something more simple to use and also non destructive. What do you think?

Example shot:

Attachment 5366 not found.

concerning your first suggestion, switch to the mixer view and click the show/hide track delay button:


concerning your second suggestion:

i agree.

Keith, thanks, you are of course right. I just thought a delay also for single column/voice, too. Regarding the shuffle, my image is quite stupid, it could stay in the track effects bar just like in the master track.

I know!! I’ve been asking for this for a long time too! Its necessary, i hope they will do something about it soon…

If there was even a destructive shuffle internal functionality, that works a bit faster and more easy than the Groove Tool would help, too!

Please take a look at Logic and Cubase how they did it! Thanks a lot!

I second the request for per-track groove-settings. I just recently discovered that this would be incredibly powerful from a musical standpoint. Small groove variations can really elevate the funkiness of an arrangement.

Yeah, Fl Studio 12 is going to have something like that…

Another vote here for per track groove.

Particularly useful to be able to switch off fully for some tracks and nudge stuff around by hand.