additional options in plugin grabber

Some plugins… like Diva as an example, are pretty nuanced when subtle changes in note release are made. this gets easily lost when rendering plugin to sample, and is quite time consuming to work around

currently the way of setting note duration and tail are very static in the plugin grabber.

1 - live setting note on/off and tail lengths:

It would be great if firstly there is an option to preview and detect a midi or QWERTY note for setting these options. so you check the button, and then it waits much like sample recorder for a note on, a note off and then another note to indicate end of tail. obviously it would be great to be able to hear the plug in while doing this.

2 - note variations:

expanding on the idea above, it could then have additional options to continue recording multiple notes, for example:

set live note detect on and await notes:

play a note a few times so you get something like this to detect a few variations

note 1: note on & velocity - note off (50ms) - tail (300ms) [ends with press of note 2 on]

note 2: note on& velocity - note off (45ms) - tail (270ms) [ends with press of note 3 on]

note 3: note on& velocity - note off (47ms) - tail (305ms) [ends with press of note 4 on or exit]


now when the plugin grabber is run it renders whater note range is chosen 3 times for each note and layers them by velocy or round robin as selected.

this idea could then further be expanded on to include memorization of the notes that are played. this way you can fully customize the notes. so example play note C . 3 times and note D# . 3 times. then it renders only notes C and D# in whatever octave ranges are chosen (instead of splitting notes be step increments)

also i should mention the best workaround for this i have so far is using the XRNI merger from Danoise. it gives a couple of errors afterwards but still sppeds things up quite a bit and gives really good end results by rendering multiple instruments at slightly different settings and then merging them with the tool.