Additional VST(i) folders

I wonder if it would be possible adding the possibility of adding more than just 2 VST plugin folder paths,
since it would improve VST(i) management a lot.

For example:
Some Vst(i) need a registration, some dont’. so that’s why I’m distributing them to different folders.
That makes it easier finding them after p.e. reinstalling my OS.
Or maybe I just want to test some plugins, unsure if I’m going to keep them. So Im using an extra folder for these.

Unfortunately some plugins insist in getting installed on the system partion (like in the “Steinberg/vst” folder), and soley because of that one of the currently 2 paths is reserved for them.

I really try to avoid installing non-essential programs on “c:” so it would be great if there was the opportunity of adding 2-3 more paths leading to different plugin folders

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You can create a folder,on D: for example,containing hardlinks for all your VST paths…

Then in Renoise,you point to this folder


Thanks, that’s a useful tool for a workaround. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

But I don’t think LSI is a good long-term solution since it’s an extra program, and extra programs may cause extra issues on your system.
That’s why I’d rather prefer a native solution over using external tools for this.

Would be nice if Renoise offered a similar function in future updates.

No problem with it…

Hardlinks ansd symlinks are part of windows filesystem

You can also redirect your renoise prefs folders on D:…In case of you would be forced to restore your system…so you would not lose your VSTs ranking👌‍‍