Adjust monitor volume

Can you adjust monitor volume in Renoise without affecting tracks volume?

My UAD Apollo hardware knob is broken and unusable.
Yes, I can control the monitor volume with digital console via desktop.
But, I can’t control headphones volume.
80% I use headphones.

thanks in advance for the help.

You can change the master volume, then the balance of your tracks remains unchanged. If you need to you can boost the output volume a little with the master fader (3dB), or a lot with a Gainer (12dB) but you’ll run into clipping issues eventually. Does that help you solve your issue?

Thnx for the reply, but that was not my question. monitor volume on headphone has nothing to do with the volume of the track.
But, I found the solution for UAD users with broken volume knob on interface.

  1. On Master track send audio to Virtual Channel 1&2.
  2. Then open UAD console program
  3. go to “cue outputs”
  4. set “source” to “HP”
  5. regulate volume headphone with “HP” sliders at Virtual Channel 1&2

to route audio back to monitor speakers simply put Master back to Monitor L&R

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