Adjust sample rate to arbitrary value

Aliasing is a very useful tool for sound design.

I’d love to be able to adjust the sample rate of a sample to any value like you could do on many hardware samplers and not just 44.1k, 32k, 22.05k …
Sometimes 28643Hz is just right to get rid of nasty top end and replace it with some tasty aliasing :wink:

Sample rate reduction vsts are not really a substitute, as they cannot account for the change in sound when samples are pitched.

Choosing the anti-aliasing filter characteristics before conversion would be the cherry on top, but not that important.


That is a very interesting idea!

this would be great :+1:

you can also check out TAL DAC

I’m sure TAL-DAC is great, but to quote myself

What I mean by that is when you play a single note you can dial in the same amount of aliasing with both methods, but as soon as you start playing melodies/chords with your sample the effect is going to be different.


use TAL DAC and use the ‘Apply Track FX’ function in the sample editor?
should cover your use case

16 kHz with the Amiga is my sweet spot

This tool, which acts as a front end for Sox, can do batch samplerate conversion enabling you to convert to any wished sample rate; New Tool (3.0): dBatchProcess - #4 by kytdkut

Above link seems to still have the code content as text, but needs to be put in a script.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I know my workarounds.
I just thought it would be neat to have this feature stock inside of renoise.