Adjust sample type to 12 bit?

Is it possible to adjust samples to “12 bit with 40khz” or “12bit with 27 khz”? So you can give the sample a crunchy feeling as you have on older samplers like Akai s-900/950 and E-my sp1200.

Because when I have opened my Renoise, then I can only adjust between 8 and 16 bit as lowest?

Why don’t you just bitcrush it non-destructively, or alternatively bitcrush it and render it to sample and use that? A lot of the “crunchy” sound comes from poor quality D/A conversion anyway.

Use lofimat effect, and if you want/need it you can render it with the effect on, even though the sample will be 44.1/16(or whatever bitrate/depth you choose) it will have 12 bits of sample information. Unless you choose 8 bit obviously :lol:

edit: ahh too slow :)