Adjustable Freq Poles -> Voxelfilter?

hello fellow trackers! :)

just a fast thought: if the EQ5/EQ10 effect modules could obtain automatics not just for the amplifications but the frequency “poles” themselves (like 50hz, 100hz, 300hz…) and therefore could be moved from frequency to frequency, we could easily make an AEIOU sound from any sawtooth sample by altering the 3 accented frequencies… what do you think? :)

(sorry if it has already discussed already, got no urge to browse all topics heh…)

Yeah, that would be very nice :)

And if we are in the topic of automating exotic controls:
What i always looked for in samplers is the possibility,
to automate the loop points in the sample… :dribble:

forgive my noop question, if this is already possible…

No, but you can simulate this effect with pattern effects.

this has not been implemented until now because the DSP devices cannot have more than 16 automatable parameters, limitation which will be hopefully addressed in the future.

Yeh please - formant filtering would be the shizzle - and all that other automation buznuz too!

that would indeed be a nice feature