Adjustable Jump Step Instead Of Fixed 16

In pattern editor Page Up and Page Down jump 16 rows up/down. Ability to change the amount of lines would be nice. 16 row jumps aren’t that useful if you are for example working on 12lpb and pattern length of 96.

Check out the keyboard shortcuts for “Jump to Row”:

F9 = Jump to the start of the pattern
F10 = Jump to 1/4 pattern length
F11 = Jump to 1/2 pattern length
F12 = Jump to 3/4 pattern length

The shortcut names in Renoise are actually a bit misleading since they mention fixed Row numbers (0, 16, 32 and 48), but they do actually jump to different positions based on the pattern length.

I think jumpstep should be connected to lpb, times and divisions of it

If you want a bit more customisation for your pattern navigation shortcuts, vV has already made a nice tool for this:

The latest version is for 2.7, but it also works just fine in 2.8

maybe alternative idea? IN/OUT markers

I agree, it would seem obvious. However, we would be talking 4xLPB, or what? (Default pgdown/up jump size is 16 lines, with 4 being the default LPB value).

I would say YxLPB - similar to step length , maybe call it page length ? 4xLPB would be good as default value, as it probably wouldn’t be changed as often as step length
i would leave the setting with song settings next to Tick per line and track headroom settings