Adjustable Speed Factor For Arpeggio

Something in song settings perhaps, or even better, a command to set/change it per track and/or master… because with some song speed, the arpeggio command is completely unusable, which is a shame.

Try to copy this into the pitch envelope of your instrument…
I personally never was fond of the good old Arpeggio command in trackers…
The music applications on the C64 were so much more advanced on that area…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<envelopeselectioncontent doc_version="0"><br>

I was wondering… could any advanced PHP programmer whip up a fast arpeggio generator for the pitch envelopes? saves me from having to remember which arpeggio ladders are underneath which preset.

I’ll see about building a quick AIR app that does it. Fun exercise.
What’s the range of the pitch envelope? ±12 notes?

On that note, it’d be nice to be able to copy/paste pitch/amp envelopes in one operation. Y’know. For gating arps.

This is probably A Bad Thing, but by manipulating the data directly i can well exceed the ±12 notes limitation. What’s the view on this?

One note is 100 cents… Renoise stores these in the range of 0 to 1 whereas 0 - 0.5 is -1200 cents to 0 cents and 0.5 to 1 = 0 cents to 1200 cents…

The formula is pretty simple:
Num = (Value / 1200) / 2 + 0.5
You need a good float for Num though (DOUBLE).

Basically making a matrix now… 32 wide, 25 tall. Row 13 is the base note. Once it’s done with 32 steps i’ll add a scaler function to compress/expand to whatever. Transfer to/from clipboard is handled by the app itself. Will be a snap making an internal librarian too, so you can store and name arps freely in the Air app.

Fun to play with so far =) Will probably post up a usable version tomorrow evening.


Well - I am, and Renoise has it. Only it’s not usable with most speeds, hence my suggestion…

F2XX - Set tick-rate (01 - 10) should solve your problems.

RTFM, I guess. I almost joined in the complaining till I went and looked up how they made up for the lack of a traditional tick system.

One wonders how this thread got so long without someone else mentioning this.

I guess that is sort of an answer…
Ofcourse it does not work nicely if you have to spoil a retrig command with it if this is issued on the same row.

one of my friends is crazy for the fruity loops “apregiator” machine. he gets to achieve very unexpected sounds with it. it should be included (or some form of it) in renoise i think… if it’s not too difficult to implement.

True, true. I don’t know what you’d do then.

I never used the arpeggio commands in Renoise until I used LSDJ recently. I’ve been also trying to replicate its arpeggios by increasing LPB.

I’m curious how this’ll turn out.

I love arps… we all do, and I opened this thread hoping for something usable…

For coding gods such as yourselves, your workarounds are great, and very very clever. However, for the average user, this stuff is very alienating.

If you can somehow take what you have figured out here, and make a simple and usable feature in the application, you will win!

You can change the speed using the F2xx value as mentioned in Phate’s post above. But then you should not use other speed related effects unless you like the result of those as well.

So… I’ve got my arp editor working. But i find myself pretty confused when i try to make comparisons from the length of an envelope to the song playback speed.

What exactly is the relationship between playback speed and instrument envelopes? I always thought 1 column == 1 line. Turns out that’s not strictly true? What good is a 32 wide arpeggio matrix if 32 steps of an envelope isn’t directly relative to playback speed?

Any pointers on this? I’m a bit dumbstruck

edit: 24 columns per beat. Gotcha. Thanks Suva.

Pitch envelope editor test

Requires Flash 10 (synthesis, clipboard)

Pretty basic, but it does the job. 2 octaves, grid snap to notes. 24 wide (default for a beat?). Simple sine synth for preview. Automatically copies xml to clipboard on mouse up, so every time you make a change it should just be pasting it back into the envelope.

Now for sliders for width/depth. More octaves aren’t hard to add in there if going beyond the 0-1 range won’t break Renoise.

I really do wonder what’s up with the 24 column thing though. Can’t make it divide by something that will provide something like a 4/4 arpeggio. I’d need something like 3/4ths. Sigh.

It works nicely… now some note-values on the left side and perhaps a shift-box to shift the whole table up or down xx cents.
Or tricks like inverse drawing or randomize groups (reposition any two or more sequent level note-groups around)