Adjustable Track-Scope Sensitivity

i run often into the case where the individual track volume is apparently too low for the scopes to give any kind of optical feedback of the input signal. there is hardly any difference between a silent and an audible track.
the problem is that i often lose orientation whilst searching for (e.g.) the clap channel or the shaker or whatever, because i’m unable to spot the expected optical scope feedback just because the track’s volume is too low for the scopes to operate at all.

would be nice if you were able to influence the sensitivity at which the scopes work, without having to alter ALL the tracks output volumes in a way that doesn’t destroy the mix because thresholds on the master are suddenly exceeded, etc.

Agreed, this would be a nice function.

You must work at really low voulumes! But I agree, it would be useful for all kinds of reasons.

they actually not that exorbitantly low, but i like to have headroom.
btw: i guess this feature would only make sense if it was not a global one and could be saved per song / inside the xrns.

Why not make the whole track scope bar vertically stretchable?

Ran into this issue quite often too and would be great to have some visual feedback for low volume channels. Maybe adding a small VU meter next to each scope could work? In the mixer i’m usually able to identify the tracks where stuff is playing.