Adjusting knobs on Pen Display Tablet

When using pen display and adjusting doofers there is not much space to the bottom for lowering knob value.

When Mouse Warp Setting is OFF use horizontal axis. (or use settings switch?)
Its not ideal because when knob is in the corner of the screen we have the same problem, but at least you can scroll dsp chain to fix that. In current situation you always don’t have much vertical down space.
Another solution could be to lower the distance that you need to move but you lose precision that way.


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    knob one no problem if you want to max value - plenty of vertical up space
    knob two you need to click and drag three times to get to min value
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    using horizontal axis gives me plenty space to go from max to min and vice versa
    (not ideal if the knob is in the corner but i can scroll dsp chain)


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