Adjusting Vst Parameters In-song

Alright, I’m new to all of this. I don’t have a real grasp of HOW exactly MIDI and VSTs and everything else work. That being said, I’m trying to adjust a specific parameter of a specific VST during a song.
I am using Miroslav Philharmonik and I want to adjust the attack of instrument #1. When I boot up the Philharmonik editor, I can assign “Emu1 attack” to any “controller number.” In this case, I chose 3.
How do I get Renoise to tell Philharmonik to adjust that attack to a different value?

On any track (the one with the VST notes in it is probably best), add a DSP > Automation > Automation Device.

Set the “Linked Plugin” to the correct instance of the instrument.

Now where it says “No parameter”, click on that and a menu will popup with that VSTs parameters. Find the one you want, and map it to the slider in Renoise. You can now automate that slider in the usual way, through pattern commands, or through automation envelopes.

If you want to send MIDI, use a MIDI-Control Device.