Adm + Distortion + Routing


I’m using a kick out of ADM on Track 1 and have hi’s and rims on track 2, from that same vst. If I apply distortion to the kick in Track DSP’s on Track 1, it also distorts track 2, which has no track dsp’s on it. ADM has an instrument routing option with 10 available output sends but does not seems to translate into the renoise environment, at least for all i know. Is there anyway to just use track dsp’s on any of the outputs of ADM or do I have to make new instruments for each part (sort of a lazy question, hope you get it, basically how do I route out of ADM to tracks so i can effect each instrument).

Unfortunately, this is due to the missing feature of Renoise.
Renoise doesn’t support VSTi multi-out function yet.

So in this case in Renoise currently,

Or you have to “Render to Sample” each ADM’s sound which you want to use with track DSPs.

TX! I’ll render to sample - just caught the tutorial on that, seems to be the way to go.