Adobe Audition Alternative For Mac?


Recently I switched from pc+widnows7 to an impressive 27’ iMac. :dribble:

I don´t miss so much software from my “old” windows but i have no idea what software to use in place of Adobe audition 3.
Basically I only need to edit single stereo files. Looking at the waveform editor, apply some Eq, trim, save as MP3… something simple.

Audacity is not an option. I hate that program.
Any suggestions ?

sent from my imac

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then again doesnt garageband come as standard?

I will try those. Thank you both for answering

You might want to check out Bias Peak too, the LE version is well worth the money:

:D Me too.

Wave editor from kazakore’s thread looks lush, if I needed something beyond Renoise’s editor I would give it some usage.

[center]Nice! Defintly going to check this out =D Altho does it really compare to Audition? I mean 3 REALLY blew me away with there effects and filters… And for Audacity… It actully work really well with my Roland VS-890 to record tracks… when I’m sampling my instruments or recording vocals and even bumping bands that i’ve recorded and then make them into wave to remaster… but for actully making music it SUCKS BALLS! lol.


if you can wait a few month, you will be able to use audition on your mac:

Look this ;)


Great thing. You must check adobe audition mac alternative