Adsr Controls On A Channel

Well, I sometimes really commiserated that there was no possibility to modify Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release of an instrument. The envelopes drawn in the instrument editor are fix and cannot be modified during runtime of the song. But Renoise 1.9 brought an obliging extension of the LFO device which now allows to use own envelopes.

If you’ve not already seen it through, the following steps should quickly make you transparent how it enables you to create ADSR-like controls which are modifieable during runtime :

  1. Choose and insert an effect to modulate the target attribute (Filter, Gainer, etc)
  2. Insert an LFO device and set destination to the modulation effect and attribute (Filter, Cutoff; Gainer, Gain)
  3. Press the “Reset”-button on the LFO device and then add the shown pattern effect number to every note in the pattern editor to synchronize the LFO.
  4. For the time beeing turn the LFO’s amplitude to 100% and the offset to 50%
  5. Click on the “Custom”-button of the LFO device and draw your prefered envelope
  6. With the “Frequency” control of the LFO (which is modifieable during runtime) you can assign how fast the envelope is passed. Voilá!
  7. If this isn’t enough you can also split ADSR to different LFOs.


Yeah, it’s common for some synths to have a possibility to put LFO is “single pass” mode so that it advances only one phase cycle, and it is there just for the situations like that, to be used envelope-like. Renoise lacks this so the LFO keeps cycling unless one puts the freq to min, but a smart trick anyway. This has the drawback to only be able to control one ADSR per track that affects all the sounds playing there instead of per note, but then again it is possible to spread those sounds in multiple tracks. More work, but workaround this is. :)

Thx for the food for thought.

e:clarified the thougt process