Advance 1 Line per Mouse Scrolling

I always found it extremly annoying that when using mousescroll that you advance 2 lines instead of one and didn’t know for years that if you use your mousewheel over the scrollbar of the editor, it would actually only make the editor advance one line per scroll.

Now seeing how useful this is when inputing notes, it now makes me annoyed that I always have to hover over the scrollbar to do this. Why can’t there be a option in the setting to switch this around or configure this yourself. It makes inputting notes and changing values in the editor so much easier if you have one hand on your mouse to navigate the rows and one hand on the keyboard to enter notes.


I’d love a modifier key + mouse wheel to toggle between 1 and 2 line scrolling

I would love it if scrolling was in 1 line increments and if you press a modifier key you would scroll in 1 Bar (calculated from your LPB and Highlight settings) increments. <3

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