Advanced Beat Slicing

I have created an extended version of the renoise beatslicing tutorial, my version is here.

It features:

*Sample Syncing
*Even more complex tracking
*Insane compression
*The Apache break

What do you think?

will check it out

yeah you’re getting pretty crazy here…the only thing i’m really not digging is how you’re really not sticking to a rhythm. it’s very technical, but just doesn’t sound very good to my ears.

I don’t see or hear much actual beat-slicing going on, and certainly not anything ‘advanced’. As an exercise in making random noise with retriggers and reversals, it’s pretty spot-on.

[center]I second Rex, insanity thanks for the attempt tho man. It takes some kind of balls to feel like your doing something and come out with it… definite props for that, but I dont see ANY beat slicing man sorry. =(