Advanced Edit: Copy/paste For "column/track In Song"

(or am I overlooking something?)

Copy all track data to all existing patterns?

Besides that this is not easy to implement:
It is dangerous to implement because you can shift patterns in the sequencer specially if you would do copy track/column in song, then rearrange patterns and perform a paste afterwards.

You loose sight on the whole picture because you may also unawarely copy over complete song-contents while you think you only copy one pattern related track. If you make that mistake 4 or 5 times unawarely and in between perform various other modifications, how do you find out up to which level you need to undo this?
It may look like heaven, but can turn out to be a very frustrating feature.

I would rather suggest duplicate track (copy current and paste into a newly added track) for safety measures.


You can do all sorts of dangerous things, using advanced edit or anything else. The proper solution to that is “know what you’re doing”?

Also, your argumentation is so totally backwards that I’m pretty sure you misunderstood me… because it is possible to do what I want to do just with single note columns with WHOLE TRACKS, which is even worse when you do it accidentally. So, uhm?

No fair! When you want to operate on a track in the whole song, you can do that easily, if you want to operate on just one note column of it, you have to go through the song pattern by pattern.

I can see it takes coding, but don’t tell me it’s actually a good thing to not have it because you could do bad stuff with it :lol:


Does the “Column in song” not ring any bell?

I guess what Johann means is that you can not mark and copy/paste a whole track (over all patterns) from a song - and you cannot mark and copy/paste a column in a track from a complete song. The copy/paste buttons are grayed out.

Well I don’t know how this could be solved properly.

Though, you can of course do any other operation on the track/column in a song (transpose, etc).

Yep, that’s what I meant, I guess I worded it badly.

I doubt Johann wants to copy tracks between songs, he seems to only wanting copy one specific column in the whole song to somewhere else.
There is a Duplicate track in the context menu of the pattern editor, but there is no duplicate column.

But regarding copying tracks between songs:

I don’t say it will be impossible to do this, but there are a few factors that play along here:

Situation 1

track in pattern-sequence of the source song:

track to pattern-sequence of the target song:

Now the complete track is pasted and in the event, multiple pattern tracks are being pasted into the same target pattern… This means that you will loose the track in pattern 3, 7, 8, 9 simply because all these will be overwritten by trackdata from the following sequence.
Not that this cannot be avoided by making the whole sequence unique, but that would be a thing you have to do manually, because on this situation cannot be anticipated.

Another situation is where the source song has 20 sequences and the target only 10 which means that you won’t get 10 tracks copied over. Should Renoise auto-generate 10 new patterns and add them to the sequence?

The third problem comes when you use mixed pattern sizes in both the source and target song. A target pattern that is smaller can be made larger, but you also have to do something with the other note-data in it.
A target pattern that is larger cannot be made smaller:you might not want to loose notes in the part that is not covered by the size of the source track.

I can’t think of any more problems yet but, such copy/paste-action might (depending how many differences there are between the source- and the target song) involve a lot of song patching before and afterwards to get the whole transition done properly.

Yeah, like when I simply want to “phatten up” something. Usually I’d use tracks for this, but not always.

Something that would achieve the same but would be MUCH cooler and more versatile would be “selection in song” (obviously with copy and paste enabled).