Advanced Edit Keybinding

hi, could expand/shrink in extended pattern editor menu become keybindable and midimappable, or even just keybindable?

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Yes it would be nice if most/ all of advanced edit functions had key bindings.

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The more interesting questions is why you guys need to do that that often that you need shortcuts for this? Could you give us some more details?

personally, I rarely use Expand/Shrink, but I use the edit mask checkboxes and the Vol/Pan/Delay/FX section very often.

I believe that everyone uses one or more of the A.E. features quite often, so in the end allowing keyboard mapping of it would be good

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Yes, the content mask is a regular here (maybe toggle keybindings here) , and was thinking that nudge (selection) would be useful the other day.

I also have some more ideas for improvement of advanced edit, but they are beyond the scope of this thread, so keybindings would be a start. :)

There are admittedly buttons that it is probably not worth: log, lin, exp etc, that would be overkill.

Expand and shrink certainly get my vote though.

Anyway to re-cap a garbled post my votes are for:

-content mask - toggle keybindings
-Expand and shrink
-Vol/pan/dly - Modify - toggle - set , add, sub. etc and Apply

edit- added some

what I use all the time is rightclicking a checkbox to check/uncheck all the others; having the correspondant keybinding would be a nerves-saver :)

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Yes! this would save banging my head into a wall everytime I trip over that one! :

[b]Content mask - toggle right click[i]s


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Keybindable, perhaps… but midimappable?


+1 on keybindable expand+shrink

and slightly quieter: +1 on keybindable advanced edit parameters

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+1 here too.

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at least advanced editing shrink/expand keybindable would be awesome…
previous +1’s from various users: Expand/Shrink in Advanced Pattern Editing Commands

what would nudge-selection do? i’m interested.

I think the first thing I would try doing is linking an LFO Meta with a squareform to the AE’s Notes>>>Transpose>>>+12/-12 with Track In Pattern selected.

I would also probably get Renoise extremely process intensive linking another LFO Meta to Interpolation Types & also Instruments.

The Pattern Editor would look Sentient.

well, yeah i guess… there are always some interesting things which could be done, when it comes to regular tracker features becoming midimappable… however, even keybinding of advanced edit features would be wonnerful


flip, shrink, expand, toggling of mix paste mode, as well as an option to change selection to current instrument all deserve to be key-bound.

If they don’t deserve to have default bindings, they should at least be user assignable. Give us the power!

Hello taktik. Here is an example why this is useful very often.

By giving us shortcuts for Expand/Shrink selection, expand/shrink column, expand/shrink track, and Expand/Shrink pattern, you’re giving us a great deal better control over pattern data contents. And especially for those people who use Renoise live.

A very common edit for me in IT/ST is copy selection/track/pattern > double/halve length > mix-paste from clipboard at some interval; just to hear what the variation sounds like. This is especially interesting when working at BPMs like 180 which can also work at 90 and 120 BPM.

Also, maybe there are some renoise users with physical or neurological conditions which prohibit mouse/touchpad usage.

I would also like to have the transpose buttons midi-mappable.

I would also like this feature very much. Could those keybindings be implemented with LUA scripting?