Advanced Edit - Linear with decreased values

Hello everyone,

I am strarting with renoise, coming from FL Studio and I really like what I can do with renoise.

I was trying to implement a bass which is fading out and I wanted to use the advanced edit to do so.

At the end, I would like to have something like this:
C-300 F0
C-300 E0
C-300 D0
C-300 C0
… and so on

I have tried the interpolate linear tool in the advanced edit mode but it looks like it can work with increasing values and not working if you want your values to decrease.

Am I missing something ?

Big thanks in advance for your help

Firstly you are aware that the maximum volume value in the volume column is 80(hex) (or 7F) not F0(hex)? Try keeping the values between 00 and 80 in the volume column:

--- 80
--- 60
--- 40
--- 20
--- 00

Secondly IMO Renoise should probably issue a warning if it can’t interpolate (for whatever reason), after all a failed interpolation operation gets put into the undo buffer (or at least not put it in the undo buffer.)

Ooooh indeed you are right.

I have tested it and everything works.

I was trying with an initial volume at F0

Big thanks