Advanced Edit Menu

I have thought many times that it would be handy if the Advanced Edit Menu could function like the the auto-hide option for the windows-taskbar.

In other words that the menu appear when the mouse is dragged to the far-right hand side of the screen, and then disappear when the mouse is dragged away from the menu.

It may not be a clever suggestion at all but I think it is worth to discuss.

Brilliant Idea. A big +1. This feature saves the pattern editor space when using advanced edit menu a lot.

you can associate a shortcut to advanced edit show-hide.

personally, I would like to have a shortcut for “reset input mask”

About the advanced edit mask: How about being able to drag over multiple checkboxes in one sweep, like you can when hiding layers in Photoshop? I’ve often wished that could be done.

If you just want one checkbox being checked and the rest unchecked: toggle right mousebutton upon the particular checkbox.

…and right-click it again to check everything back

ahaaa. ok.

Yes I know the about the shortcut but sometimes I just feel that it would be nice to not have to think about shortcuts and just “do” and then it happens, if you know what I mean :)

I absolutely understand! I’m almost ruining my “-” key during editing in pattern editor! :P