Advanced Edit Nudge Track In Song Behavior

When I use Adv. edit to nudge notes down and I select the region as “track in song”, the behavior doesn’t make sense, to me at least. Notes across all tracks are nudged across all patterns, yet, if the nudging causes a note to be pushed past the end of a pattern, it simply disappears. Seems like it would make more sense to either disallow nudging across all patterns altogether, or do so in a way that the notes flow from one pattern to the next.

Incidentally, does anyone have any good alternative solutions to this? When live recording, this problem comes up a lot, because a lot of the notes on the first beat will end up in the previous pattern. This makes for some pretty tedious manual editing.

Nudging out of pattern boundaries is hard to control songwise. If you repeat your pattern across multiple sequences (or have multiple track aliasses), the nudging has to count in different spreading algorithms to get it right.
So the nudging requires some special overhaul to get this right.

The alternative solution regarding recording, i can only point towards the quantise option and looking into the latency configuration of your soundcard.Perhaps even configure track delay to sync what you hear with what you play.